Ashantae "Tae" Steen

Ashantae "Tae" Steen, 18, learned about Acceleration Academies from her sister who also attended Bethel Acceleration Academy (BAA). Her sister thought it would be a good fit for Tae and she was right. Tae pointed out that one of the main differences between Acceleration Academies and a traditional high school was that at a traditional high school teachers would teach courses and students would complete courses on the school’s time and not on the student’s time. For students who had a job or who had to take care of their child, it didn’t fit their schedule. Tae liked the program’s flexibility. She also felt comfortable at BAA and did not feel out of place which allowed her to focus more on her coursework. 

Tae has many favorite memories from BAA. “One was when I finished one whole credit in less than two weeks,” she said. “Another was when Coach Cummings continuously went over math problems with me and at first I didn’t get it but then I finally did. It made me feel smarter,” she said. Content Coach Kevin Cummings taught the material in different ways which helped her make progress. Tae also enjoyed the Geography and Physics courses offered at BAA.

The BAA staff will never forget Tae and her presence at BAA as a Graduation Candidate. Academy staff described her as witty and delightful. They also recognized her as a talented artist. BAA Executive Director, Gin Hooks, had this to say about Tae: “She doesn’t realize it yet but she’ll be an American success story." 
By graduating from BAA and receiving her high school diploma, she’s on her way! It was clear that Tae is driven and independent. Now that she has her diploma, she plans on going to college and becoming a physical therapist. We are very proud of you, Tae, and cannot wait to see all that you will accomplish!