Acceleration Academies brings expertise from both the private sector and education to provide districts a reliable partner in solving America's dropout crisis. Here are just a few of the standards a district can anticipate when partnering with Acceleration Academies. 

1. Performance Measurement: With KPI's built into each contract, defining and measuring success is simplified with Acceleration Academies

2. Budget Predictability: Partnering with Acceleration Academies eliminates upfront capital expenditure from the district while providing the operational financial backing district's sorely need. 

3. Revenue Generating: At no cost to the district, Acceleration Academies will actually create revenue for partnering districts. 

4. Innovations in Service Delivery: Acceleration Academies can leverage the private sector's ideas and skills as well as introduce innovation and technology in pedagogy, school infrastructure, and management, as seen in our proprietary student information system "Atlas" and in our Graduate Persistence Index. 

5. Regulatory Environment: As an accredited school, Acceleration Academies understands the importance of regulating each aspect of the program. Checks and balances are created to ensure data, grades, and transcripts are correct and are provided to the district in a timely manner. 



Acceleration Academies is an alternative learning program for disengaged students. We offer student recruitment, re-engagement, and instruction provided by state licensed and highly qualified teachers. All Graduation Candidates are enrolled as district students working towards their diploma. Graduation from Acceleration Academies directly increases the district's graduation rate. Further highlights of our Academies include:

  • Student recruitment 
  • Blended delivery
  • Benefits for Graduation Candidates, families, the school district, and community
  • Highly engaging instructional practices
  • Access to guidance counselor and social work services 
  • Proof of concept and continuous improvement
  • State of the art technology
  • Project and competency based learning
  • Transcript and learning style review; individual Graduation Candidate plans
  • Personalized learning through customized pathways
  • Career and college ready supports and case management
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Flexible scheduling 

If you are interested in partnering with Acceleration Academies, please contact us at contact@accelerationacademy.org or 872.529.5115

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