Nicholas Morales

Nicholas Morales, 19, grew up in the Port St. Lucie area and attended a traditional high school before enrolling with Acceleration Academies. When Acceleration Academies staff visited him at home during a recruitment visit over the winter, Nicholas was not enrolled in school, despite having already completed his state assessments, as he was several credits short of graduation. Nicholas credits the opportunity to make up his missing courses in a self-paced environment as the primary driver in his decision to re-engage in his education. He completed Math I, English IV, and U.S. Government to earn his diploma on March 23rd. February was a key month in Nicholas's progression as he logged 74 hours of online activity on his coursework. Nicholas says of the program, "We always have 110% help, if you have the right motivation and the right mindset, you can totally get it done."

St. Lucie Acceleration Academy Director Jon Feldman describes Nicholas as a "great kid with an amazing personality, he's very driven, and such a people person." Mr. Feldman notes that he plans to follow in his family footsteps by enlisting in the Air Force after graduation. Nicholas hopes to become a law enforcement officer in a K-9 unit after the Air Force. Not only does Nicholas use his goals to motivate him, but he also uses his experience with Acceleration Academies and his aspirations to inspire other Graduation Candidates. According to Mr. Feldman, Nicholas made a connection with a newly enrolled student last week who also has dreams of joining the military after graduation, and gave the GC a pep talk on how to be successful in the Acceleration Academies program. Nicholas was our ninth graduate from St. Lucie Acceleration Academy, and we could not be more proud of him as he moves forward in life. "I really needed to get my diploma. Iā€™m ready to get my career and my life started," says Nicholas.

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