Mohamed James

I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to get my high school diploma. I am years behind but it’s better late than never. Even after friends and family told me I couldn’t do it, “get your GED it’s too late” they said but I never listened no matter what. I stayed dedicated through everything and i fulfilled myself through this amazing opportunity. I had a vision and made a decision, completed 2 whole years of high school in a year. I stayed down till I came up. I’ve unlocked so much potential in myself, I’ve grown tremendously and I’m only getting higher from here. For that I can’t thank Bethel Acceleration Academy (BAA) enough.

I want to give a big personal shout out to all GCA’s that have given me one-on-one help through this journey. Big shout out to my Kevins, I can call him that because I’m not a GC anymore :) Mr.Torres for educating, motivating and praising me through all the classes I’ve completed. Mr. Cummings for expeditiously getting me through my classes and helping me in my weakest subject (math). Big thank you to Captain Hooks for running the ship and giving me appraisal and gift cards for all the classes completed. Big shout out to Ms. Rebekah for putting me on with the big ranch that’s gonna slap. Also shout out to Ms. Hyppolite for being so polite and helpful. Another shout out to Mrs. Starr for being the star in the sky radiating all her positive energy.

Last but not least a MOMENTOUS thank you to everybody in Chicago, everybody behind the scenes making all this possible. BAA is THE best school ever. The Marathon Continues…