Joshua Iguaran was recruited by one of Acceleration Academies’ Community Outreach Associates, Luis Brizuela. At the time Joshua joined Acceleration Academies, he already passed all of his courses, but still had yet to pass the FSA. Therefore, he joined Acceleration Academies as a Graduation Candidate and enrolled in a test preparation course. Monica Santana, Graduation Candidate Advocate, describes the growth that she saw in Joshua during his time at Acceleration Academies. She said when she first met Joshua, he was rather shy. She continued to put effort into building a relationship with Joshua and little by little Joshua began to open up when they discovered that they both liked wrestling. Joshua, is in fact a wrestler himself, and before joining Acceleration Academies coaches had shown interest in offering scholarships to him for his athletic ability and talent. However, because he had not passed the FSA, these were put on hold. He hoped that by obtaining a diploma through Acceleration Academies he could take advantage of these opportunities and study criminal justice in college.

Sheila Wise, a Career & Life Coach at Acceleration Academies, knows Joshua as a GC who was always driven to do additional work at home so he could make sure that he was prepared for the exam. He was a regular on site and became a GC who always asked questions and took initiative. We asked Joshua about his experience at Acceleration Academies. He said that it was “Amazing. I love the work environment, everybody is friendly and ready to help you out. When Monica called me to come in so they can speak to me, I didn’t know what to expect and as soon as I walked into Ms. Sheila’s office, all the teachers were standing and applauding for me on getting a passing score on the ACT. It was an experience I’ll never forget!” We are very proud of Joshua. Once he receives his diploma, Joshua looks forward to starting college and continuing to further his education. A quote that he lives by is one from the Olympic wrestler, Dan Gables: “Once you’ve wrestled, anything else in life is easy.” Joshua encourages those who are going through the same thing as him and not to think that it’s the end of the world. You can still get your high school diploma.