Jasmine Colon


I heard about Acceleration Academy through a paper ad in IRSC. And it looked like they would help me when I needed it so I decided to look into it. I'm very glad I did.

I think Acceleration Academy is better for me than traditional school because I find it easier to learn and get things done, I have more independence at Acceleration Academy than a traditional school. You get more one on one with the teacher to really understand what you need help with.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my personal life was having my son my senior year. That was the biggest reason that made me leave school and Acceleration Academy has made me feel so much better about being a teen mom, it felt like a home, no one was mean, everyone was so friendly, caring, and it was nice. They even threw me a baby shower before I had my son. It showed how much they care for the people that attend and I believe that is so important to many people. The many times I've had to take a break from school they understood, they welcomed me back, and when I didn't want to come back they kept pushing me to come back, Angela especially helped me come back, it meant a lot to see that she cared so much. Acceleration Academy has motivated me to graduate by being such a friendly place, by showing that they care so much about their students and the kids here no matter their situation. No matter what your going through they are there to help the best that they can. After I graduate high school I would really love to go on to college to become a marine vet, I actually didn't know of many school or job opportunity or even the paperwork for college and they have helped me a lot about what to fill out and where to go.

I like how friendly every one is here and how much they try to help you, no matter the situation. They care a lot here and I love that, I think that is very important, many people like to know when someone cares about them doing good. For any future students looking to attend Acceleration Academy, you will love it, the people, the environment, the help, the experience. It will be wonderful, I have been attending Acceleration Academy since their first day they opened, and I have not had one issue or problem. I love it there to the point I would even work there. You will not regret it if you decide to attend.