Frequently Asked Questions

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Is an Acceleration Academy a school?

Yes, Acceleration Academy is a school program offered within our partner school districts. We offer nationally accredited courses that count toward a regular high school diploma.

What’s a Graduation Candidate?

That’s what we call you – the young adult enrolled in our program – because you’re here for a purpose: to graduate. It’s not just checking a box or showing up. Our Graduation Candidate’s (or GCs for short) are fierce, independent and dedicated to their success.


Who is eligible to enroll at Acceleration Academies?

Almost anyone who has been promoted to 9th grade and is under the age of 21 is eligible. District and state requirements can vary, so call us to learn more about the specific requirements in your district.


Is this a GED program?

No, you can earn your regular, district-issued high school diploma through our program.


Can’t I just get my GED?

You could…but a high school diploma offers many more opportunities and earning power. While most GED programs cost money, this program to earn your high school diploma is completely free. Check out our scorecard to see the difference.


What is a personalized learning plan?

We work with you to create your “personalized learning plan.” Depending on your goals (military, college, job promotion, starting your own business), we help you create your specific course plan that gets you to your diploma. You’ll know what to work on, why and what’s next. You’ll see your path to graduation, so there is no wondering if you’re close.


Can you help me get a job?

You bet! Earning a high school diploma sets you up for incredible career success beyond what a GED provides and we offer real career support to our Graduation Candidates. This means help writing your resume, getting internships, part-time or full-time jobs, as well as career exploration. You bring the passion and drive; we’re here to support you in your success.


What if I don’t have transportation to get to the Academy?

We have you covered, providing public transportation passes to any Graduation Candidate who needs assistance getting to and from the Academy. Some districts also have local support, give us a call to discuss.


When is the Academy open?

Each site’s hours vary to accommodate the specific local needs of our Graduation Candidates. Most academies are open 8a–6p Monday–Friday. Call or visit the webpage of your specific Academy for local hours.


Do I have to be in a classroom or can I do all of my work at home?

Both. Our online blended learning model gives you the flexibility to do your coursework anywhere with internet access. As always, you’ll still have access to the Academy building and we’ll see you in our sites for your scheduled on-site hours each week.


What if I can’t be in a classroom all day?

Real life happens, and we get it. We’re flexible around scheduling.

There are minimum requirements for time on-site and course progress, so a schedule is tailored to you so that you are hitting your target dates as part of your personalized learning plan.


Am I going to be left to work online by myself? Is there any support?

Graduation Candidates are supported in every way, with access to highly qualified staff as well as certified social workers and guidance counselors. You can work with other GCs, one-on-one with Content Coaches or your Graduation Candidate Advocate, or by yourself.

I’ve never been that good at school. How will this be any different?

We use an education model and tech-savvy content rather than the old-school textbooks and 6-classes a day approach. You do one course at a time and master it – with help from your Coach – so you can truly learn at your pace.

How can I explore new and exciting career paths?

By using the Naviance career and college planning tool, our Graduation Candidates learned about career paths that align to their current interests and skill-sets.

What if I need support for passing a state assessment, the ACT or the SAT?

We offer tutoring and standardized testing prep courses for state testing, the ACT, and the SAT.