How to Write an Entry-Level Resume


Writing a resume without years of professional work experience can be intimidating! A great way to start building your resume is to use the Naviance Resume Builder tool! This tool helps you format your resume so it is easy to read along with, gives you a chance to brainstorm activities you’ve done that shows off skills a future employer may want to see! Experiences like volunteering, babysitting, and washing cars are examples of professional work experience.  

Here are some tips to consider when creating your resume.

1.       Schedule a time to meet with your ELA Content Coach and/or Career & Life Coach who can show you how the Naviance Resume Builder tool works. During this meeting, consult with your Coach on skills and experiences to add to your resume.

a.      Example of work skills from babysitting includes but not limited to, safety skills, time management, conflict resolution, etc.

2.       Spend time on your own completing the first draft of your resume in the Resume Builder tool. Remember to use action verbs when describing your experiences!

a.      Examples of action verbs include but not limited to, organized, created, tutored, etc.

3.       Proofread your resume with one of your Coaches

a.      Review your draft carefully before finalizing your resume by making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Your Coach can provide feedback on your resume.

4.       Download your resume into a Word document and print off copies when an in-person interview request happens!  

Allison Renner