Did you know that you can earn one credit a month at Acceleration Academies?


Did you know that you can earn one credit a month at Acceleration Academies? 

Yes, if you put your mind to it, you have the potential to complete two courses a month earning you one credit a month!  You might ask, “What type of commitment do I need to make in order to earn one credit a month?”

Great question!  Well, if you commit to spending 24 hours a week working on your course work you can complete a course in two weeks totally 2 courses a month!  The best way to accomplish this is to come to the academy for 24 hours every week.  By doing so, you will have face-to-face time with our Content Coaches to support you as you work through the course.  In addition, our GCAs will be there to provide one-on-one tutoring as needed. 

If you cannot come to the academy for a full 24 hours a week, commit to coming in a portion of this time but no less than 12 hours and commit to working the remainder of the 24 hours at home. 

In November and December, 68 GCs across all of our Acceleration Academy campuses completed 2 courses in one month earning them recognition in our Finish 2018 Strong Challenge!

A new year always presents opportunities for setting new goals!  Make your 2019 goal to be to earn your high school diploma by completing 2 courses a month! 

You have the potential!  We have the tools!  This is your opportunity!  Own your success!

Dr. Margie Sharp