Voice of the Graduation Candidate (GC)


Acceleration Academies cares what our GCs think about the unique program they are a part of in pursuit of their high school diploma! Because of this, Acceleration Academies conducted a study to gather insights from GCs focused on the overarching topic of “GC Engagement.” 

During July and August, GCs from the Bethel, Miami, and St. Lucie Acceleration Academies had an opportunity to share their insights into how well our program was serving them and strategies they would suggest for improving the quality of the program. GCs responded to an electronic survey and participated in focus groups and individual interviews. The survey, focus groups, and interviews centered on the following indicators of engagement – motivation, responsibility, accountability, and ownership.

The overall results of the survey, focus groups, and interviews were positive with the GCs acknowledging the great opportunity afforded them by the program in earning their high school diploma. Areas for improvement fell under the indicators of accountability, motivation, and responsibility.

Below are the key findings reported by GCs:

●        GCs would like more support at the academy with their coursework.

●        GCs report that there are challenges in their personal life that keep them from meeting their graduation goal. They would like more support in dealing with these barriers.

●        GCs would like the staff to talk with them more about their lives outside of the program.

●        GCs would like more support with career and college options after graduation.

●        GCs like to be recognized for their academic progress and would like this recognition to happen more frequently.

Now that the Acceleration Academy Leadership Team and Staff have reviewed the findings, they are hard at work developing action plans to improve the program.  GCs can expect to see improvements in the coming months in response to their feedback!

Didn't get to participate in Voice of a GC this summer? We'd still like to hear from you. Leave a comment and let us know - what would make your experience at Acceleration Academies better?

Dr. Margie Sharp