Vikki Anthony

Polk Registrar/Graduation Candidate Advocate


Vikki began as a Graduation Candidate Advocate with Acceleration Academies, and is now the registrar/staff reference manual. She has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Florida and previously worked as a Social Security Disability paralegal. Her experience as an SSD paralegal led her to Acceleration Academies, because she wanted to help young minds secure a future through education, in case an unexpected accident renders them unable to perform physical work.  

Favorite subject in school: Every subject besides art. I am much more comfortable with the concrete than the abstract.

Favorite historical movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, because it combines comedy with knowledge, and The Patriot- just think Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger.

Favorite food: Everything except eggs, mushrooms, and seafood.

Real-world superpowers: A near-eidetic, steel-trap memory and the ability to find humor in any situation, no matter how grim.