An interview with Graduate Reese Green

Reese Green accepted his well-deserved high school diploma on his graduation day.

Reese Green accepted his well-deserved high school diploma on his graduation day.

Acceleration Academy: What are you planning on doing now that you've graduated? How will your diploma help you?

Reese Green: I have enrolled at Dutchess Community College. My plan is to study Graphic and Video Design. My diploma is the reason I can go to college and pursue my goals.

AA: Favorite course/content coach? Why?

RG: My favorite course is U.S. History. I like learning about things in the past that will educate me about the things that are going on today. Picking my favorite content coach is tough. I would say Carol (Wilkerson), but she was not a teacher. So I will say she was my favorite staff member. My favorite teacher will be Ms. Holly. Without Ms. Holly I may not have finished the program before June and walked in the graduation ceremony. She was with me that last day, pushing me to finish before the deadline.

AA: Why did you decide Acceleration Academies was right for you initially?

RG: I wanted to graduate on time. At my old school, the counselors were pushing my graduation date back every time I met with them. So I needed a program that would allow me to progress faster and graduate before I turned eighteen. I was told about AA, and that night I researched the program online. I liked the self-pace aspect of it and felt it was perfect for me. My parents were reluctant at first, so a couple of days later I put together a PowerPoint presentation. I showed it to them, and they agreed immediately.

AA: What did you like most about AA’s learning model?

RG: I liked that all the classes were self-pace. I use to sit in the classrooms of my old school and be bored. Many times I went to sleep mid-way through a lesson because I knew most of the material already. With AA, I was able to move along once I mastered a lesson which allowed me to finish my classes quicker and eventually graduate on-time.

AA: What helped motivate you to finish several classes within the last month of school?

RG: It was my parents. Both of my parents didn’t graduate from high school. I wanted to make them proud by walking across that stage. Now my diploma is framed and hanging on the wall of their house. This wouldn’t have been possible without AA and the entire staff's help.