Nicole Rhem

Polk Science Content Coach


Nicole has been a teacher for twenty years. She has taught from pre­school to high school. Nicole grew up in St. Louis, MO and after she graduated from Harris­ Stowe University (HBCU), she moved to Kansas CIty, MO to teach elementary school. While living there, Nicole attended St. Catherine’s University and obtained a Master’s Degree in Education and received her certification as a Montessori Teacher. In 2000, Nicole moved to Orlando, Florida and began teaching Science in an elementary school, middle school and then a high school. Nicole presently holds certifications in Elementary Education 6­-12, Earth and Space Science 6-­12, Biology and she is also ESOL endorsed. 

Most significant class in high school: Thinking back to my years as an elementary student, my favorite/most significant grade was 5th grade. Why­ you might ask, The Science teacher was smart and FUNNY.

Favorite “historical adjacent” movie: 300-Why­ Spartans Never Give Up

Favorite Book­: All­ of them: I LOVE to read

Real-world superpower: ­Empathy