Mark Davis

lake wales Graduation Candidate Advocate


Before Acceleration Academies, Mark worked at a middle school in Miami, where he also served as the school’s Athletic Director. After the middle school closed its doors, he made his way to central Florida. He had taught Martial Arts the last 10 years at his dojo in Miami Beach, which made the move quite difficult. However, his short time here at Polk Acceleration Academies has been great. He has managed to put together a group of folks with whom he trains in karate, and launched a small start-up company last year as well. In addition, he is completing his Florida Real Estate License course this year and is hopefully completing his B.A. this year as well.  He enjoys working at the Lake Wales Acceleration Academy, because of the awesome relationships they have been able to create with the families that they serve.

Favorite or most significant year in school and why: 4th Grade- Creative, Nurturing, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Temperate

Favorite book: My American Journey, by Colin Powell

Favorite food: Sushi