To Our Graduation Candidates



The stakes couldn’t be higher. Without a high school diploma you’re losing at least half million dollars in lifetime earnings. You’ll probably struggle to find careers that pay beyond minimum wage and more than likely be on social services that never supply enough for a family.

The President has made it a point to challenge everyone to improve their chances for a better life. So when school districts hear the challenge they turn to Acceleration Academies as experts in the field of getting you on the path to a regular diploma and the National Career Readiness Credential. Further, you end up with a technology device that is always connected to the Internet and allows you to learn on your schedule and at your pace and place. We meet you where you are. These partnerships aren’t possible with you taking the first step to try the program. It’s not school; it’s not sit-and-get. Rather, it’s a highly engaging, customized curriculum that happens when it works for you with highly qualified teachers trained to work with students who couldn’t’ or didn’t want to learn in a regular classroom or school environment.

Achieving a high school diploma and career credential isn’t easy but the rewards are huge. You’ll increase your earnings over $10,000 per year; you’ll learn where your career interests lie and what options are available to you. You’ll get a tablet device that you keep when you graduate with all your work products stored and ready for your next step after graduation – a career or a post-secondary credential. We’ll be there with you from start to finish!

Our supports include coaches for every aspect of your life – content coaches with the knowledge you need for the diploma; career coaches to help you explore your interests and the careers that fit your skills and interests; life coaches to help remove the barriers to success that may be holding you back.

It doesn’t have to be the way it was…

We engage students in the ways that they want and need to learn – appropriate content and instructional models that are more like video games and digital tools than any peer program in the world. You’ll need someone to help you win this challenge and that’s where Acceleration Academies comes into your life – fighting for you and helping you navigate the challenges to earn your diploma.

It’s your life and your choice. We’re ready when you are!