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Acceleration Academies partners with school districts to provide opportunities for young adults who have left school to earn their district issued high school diploma outside of the traditional school setting. Our model allows individuals who may have family or full-time job commitments to earn their diploma free of charge. Graduation Candidates ("students") work to master one course at a time at their own learning pace and benefit from our highly trained staff. We work to increase district graduate numbers, enrich communities, and give every young adult a chance to earn a diploma.

Our curriculum includes:

  • A blend of online activity and in-person instruction
  • Flexible scheduling
  • State of the art technology

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Featured Graduate

chad dawson

The feeling of accomplishing your goals is amazing! These past three years in Florida have been a journey that I will tell my children about someday. I am now 20 years of age starting college this spring and planning to accomplish my goal of earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.
— Chad Dawson, Acceleration Academies Graduate

To learn more about Chad and his time with Acceleration Academies, click here to check out our Successes page.

 Acceleration Academies' Commitment to our Graduation Candidates 


Acceleration Academies apply full effort and responsibility focused on service to our Graduation Candidates, the district, the community, and to one-another everyday. We hold our staff and Graduation Candidates to a higher standard on the path towards a diploma. We strive to conduct ourselves honestly and respectfully, and instill these values in our Graduation Candidates. 

Acceleration Academies foster an open, inclusive, and welcoming culture for our Graduation Candidates, and in this environment we hope to inspire passion, hope, and excitement for all of our Graduation Candidates. We offer our Graduation Candidates an opportunity to change the course of their lives, and support them every step of the way. 

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