Kristin Bulala

Bethel Graduation Candidate Advocate


Kristen has an older and younger brother, but she looks like she could be the youngest of her family. She grew up in a military family and lived in various places throughout Europe. Her family was able to go to places like Germany and France for a good portion of her childhood. In elementary school, she moved to Washington and has been here ever since. She went to college at Pacific Lutheran University, where she had majored Psychology and minored in Religion. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed playing video games with her brothers as well as reading books. She has also recently started her own herb garden and growing her own food! As much as she would like to be called a teacher, she is content with being the the Graduation Candidate Advocate for now. Part of her duties include tutoring students and helping them with learning content. Working with so many different students and tailoring material to their needs is both an amazing and unique experience. Due to tutoring students for multiple subjects, there are times where she has to take the role of a Graduation Candidate to review the material that they are learning. Kristin loves how all of the staff interact with each other everyday, and it is never boring at the Academy. 

Favorite or most significant year in school and why: 12th grade, because all of my friends were in my classes and my schedule was full of fun elective classes like English Literature on Norse Mythology, Leadership, and Step Aerobics. Learning about different colleges and being able to go on college visits was also fun!

Favorite historical movie: Pride and Prejudice. It was incredibly well made and the actors convey emotions brilliantly. It really transports you into the time period.

Favorite food: Southwest Chicken Salad- it has almost all of the food groups and is so healthy for you with all of the corn and beans. The southwest salad dressing adds a flavor explosion as well!