Kevin Torres

Bethel History Content Coach


Kevin has always wanted to teach.  He started out by getting his Bachelor's Degree in History at Washington State University, and complemented that with his master's degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University.  He spent a year and a half in Spokane working in local schools before he became certified.  One of the first places he applied to was Acceleration Academies, and the rest is history.  Since then, he has been thoroughly enjoying the start of his teaching career with a program that truly cares about the students. Few people know this, but before Acceleration Academies, he actually hated student teaching so much, that he regretted choosing teaching as a career and felt that he had wasted the last six years of his life. Teaching was nothing like he expected it to be, due to the politics and state policies that made him feel like a warden in a prison.  In the long run, he is glad that he got to experience traditional school so he can better appreciate Acceleration Academies and the opportunity to give students the type of education they deserve.  In this environment, he feels free to teach students in a way that he wants.  He can give more one-on-one assistance to students who need special attention, which enables him to have a better relationship with each student. He has been able to pursue his education career with the support of his loving wife, Amy, who at times literally brought in 100% of their income while he was in school.  

Favorite or most significant year in school and why: 11th grade- my social coming out party.

Favorite book: Replay, it changed the way I think.

Favorite food: Double bacon cheeseburger.