Kevin Kessler

Polk Assistant Director


Kevin Kessler came to Acceleration Academy after 11 years of teaching math & science, both in America and across the world in Asia.  He taught Physics in Zhenzhou, China, Comparative Politics & IB Economics in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, was a Curriculum Coordinator of high school science in Yantai, China, and the Principal of an international school in Tokyo, Japan. After returning to America to be with family and send his daughter to UCF, he came to Acceleration Academies as the Science Content Coach and was promoted to Assistant Director within three months.  

Most significant class in high school: Chemistry, because my teacher saw my potential.

Favorite book: The Giver, because of its insight into our own dystopia.

Favorite food: Thai, because of the wonderful spices.

Real-world superpower: A good listener that seeks to understand others.