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Kevin Cummings

Bethel Science and Math Content Coach



Kevin began his adult life abruptly three days after narrowly graduating high school, where he found himself and hundreds of his 'new best friends' welcomed into basic training for the US Air Force.  He had no idea that the adventure would last for more than two decades, take him in and out of conflicts all around the world, and would also involve extensive peaceful cooperation efforts to help many people. When it was clear that it was his time to retire from active duty, he found it a natural next step to enter into public education. He earned his Washington State Teaching Certificate as a Secondary Science and Math Educator and began a decade of teaching science and math to many young people, helping them better understand the world around them. In the spring of 2015, he moved on to working with young adults who were returning to education to find academic success in the form of a high school diploma. In this new chapter of his varied professional life, he really enjoys using some of his talents to leverage the advantages of the Acceleration Academy model for the varied skillsets our Graduation Candidates show up with every day with here at the Bethel Acceleration Academy! Outreach and communication on an honest, respectful level are key to meeting students where they are, and he has been able to hone these skills over the years.  Patience and understanding are crucial elements, but must first be lead by high expectation of achievement for all learners.  

Favorite or most significant year in school and why:  Freshman year, because I was able to start fresh in a new environment with a lot of new challenges. I had a lot of great experiences in high school, but the great beginning made them all possible!

Favorite historical movie: Blackhawk Down, because many of my friends were involved in the original action.  It was well done in the sense that it was fairly true to the facts.

Favorite food: Pizza, not just because it is shaped like a pie, but because it is almost always delicious, warm or cold.

Real-world superpower: Patience and empathy all mixed together, with a side of tenacious persistence!