Kenyon Taylor

Bethel Recruitment Coordinator


I was born in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Seattle, Washington when I was 6. I grew up mainly in Kent, Washington and went to Kent Meridian. I played basketball and football momentarily.  I am the oldest of my siblings and am closest to my 2 brothers and my sister, who I proudly help raise.  I like a lot of things about working here but what I like most about working at Acceleration Academies is seeing and supporting the Graduation Candidates' dedication.  We work to help get them closer to graduating, their dedication is what makes the difference. 


Favorite Grade:  7th grade - Good memories all around

Favorite Book:  Dutch  (v. 1-3) by Terri Woods - How clever Dutch was

Favorite Movie:  Tombstone - Doc Holiday

Favorite Food:  Anything my mom made