Judy Cowell

Bethel Registrar


I was born in Wisconsin have lived in Tacoma Washington since I was 3 years old.  I graduated from Lincoln High School and then went to business school through what was then called Tacoma Technical Institute (now Bates College).  When I was going to Tacoma Tech, I was offered a part-time job with the Tacoma Teachers Association which exposed me to work in the education field.  Later, when I married, I moved to Denver and worked for the school District there.  When we returned to Washington, I worked first for the Tacoma School District and then found my way to Bethel SD.  What I like most about working for Acceleration Academies is my association with my peers there and sitting with the GCs, sharing a little bit of their lives. 


Favorite Grade:  6th Grade –  teacher was amazing; Library Access

Favorite Book:  The Bible – How could it not be?

Favorite Food:  Mexican – I like spicy things

One thing I think I should have learned by now:  How to skydive