Jennifer Biedler

s. lakeland Graduation Candidate Advocate


Jennifer is a GCA at Polk Acceleration Academies, and is married with a 1-year-old daughter. She made her way to Acceleration Academies through a series of twists, turns and hurdles. A year after she graduated from high school, she completed her associate degree in Education. Shortly after, she decided to change her major to Criminal Justice and completed her bachelor’s degree in Juvenile Service within 2½ years. She believed that her calling was working with juveniles, but after working in the school system and in a foster home, she realized there was more she wanted to do. After searching online and finding Polk Acceleration Academies, she felt motivated to apply for the GCA position. A few weeks later, she received a phone call. Her job with Acceleration Academies started on April 28, 2015, and it has made all the difference in her life. 

Favorite or most significant year in school and why: 12th grade- I was officially done with high school and had some awesome teachers. 

Favorite historical movie: The Last Samurai and Gladiator because they are fantastic, action packed movies that involved some great events. 

Favorite food: Ice cream!!! I love everything about this food and all its calories. 

Real-world superpower: I have a few, the strongest being my leadership ability (but I also know how to follow.)