J Courtney.jpg

Jeanne Courtney

Bethel Graduation Candidate Advocate



As a mother of five, I acquired knowledge which enhanced my skills when I entered the education profession.  I have mostly worked in education, whether as a paraprofessional educator or indirectly in other fields. I have also lived and worked in a variety of states including Hawaii, Alaska ,Illinois and Washington.  I received a BA in Psychology from the State of Hawaii. As someone who never went to high school, I understand youth who have dropped out and  have a passion for working with them. They are dealing with educational challenges similar to ones I have experienced. 

As a Graduate Candidate Advocate, I enjoy the process of assisting these young adults to enroll in our program.  I also enjoy enhancing their understanding of the importance of completing their courses and receiving their diplomas.  Everyday, I look forward to working as a team both with my co-workers and our Graduation Candidates.

Favorite Grade: Fifth Grade; I learned to read

Movie: From Here to Eternity; it was set in Hawaii

Book:  The Warrior’s Path; I felt like I was there

Real World Superpower: I am very resourceful