Georgia Adityanugroho

Polk Life Coach


Georgia has worked with at-risk and urban youth for more than 10 years. At age 21 she became a house parent for a residential program for at-risk teens. Georgia has traveled with non-profit humanitarian organizations around the world to Brazil, China, and South Africa. She has always had a desire to serve communities in need and to acquire a deeper understanding of other cultures and societies. Georgia desires to give students an opportunity to change their perspective and cultural awareness through education.  Georgia also worked as a Dependency Case Manager with the Department of Children & Families where she developed a strong knowledge and relationship with others across the state of Florida.  She has become an advocate for young adults and children due to her experiences and work in the community with social services. Georgia accepted a position in social services as a Quality Management Specialist that covered two regions where she collected data on youth in state care, group homes, and other community services. She also reviewed and maintained state contracts, Federal Funding, and local Community Based Care lead agencies.  Georgia is certified in Trauma Informed Care for children and young adults and is a certified Dependency Case Manager with the state of Florida. Ms. Georgia, as she is called by the PAA-GCA's, values education and firmly believes that education fosters the growth of others becoming successful in life and their career. 

Which grade was your favorite/ significance: Inspiring 3rd grade teacher!!

Favorite Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Historical favorite movie: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner

What is your real world superpower: Discernment