Cori Lesher

Bethel ESE Content Coach


Cori was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, where she met her husband. After graduation, they got married and he was commissioned in the US Army, which started their globe-trotting family adventure. They began in Washington where she taught in the 7th and 8th grade resource room.  Next, they were sent to San Antonio, Texas where she taught in a 4th grade classroom. The Army then stationed them in Tennessee where she taught a variety of classes at a school for court ordered youth. During this time they also had two  children, Madison and Mackenzie. At this point, she decided to step away from teaching for awhile to focus on her family. After a move to northern Virginia, three years living in Italy, her husband deploying twice, another baby girl (Isabella), and a return to Washington, she decided it was time to return to work.  To prepare to go back to teaching, she went back to school to earn her master’s degree in Alternative Education.  One fateful day at the Puyallup Farmer's Market, she stumbled across a table for the Bethel Acceleration Academy.  Introductions and information were exchanged,  and after later interviews were held, she was offered a position as the Special Education Content Coach for the Bethel Acceleration Academy.  Her favorite thing about teaching at Acceleration Academies is the individualized instruction provided for the Graduation Candidates.  They meet the students at their instructional level, and assist them in their learning so they can achieve their goals.

Favorite or most significant year in school and why: 4th grade- my teacher.

Favorite book: The Harry Potter series

Favorite Food: Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie, because it reminds me of home.