Chris Coleman

s. lakeland Graduation Candidate Advocate


Chris has always wanted to work with adolescents. The work has been his passion, even during  his time in college. He even found himself pursuing that passion by giving his free time through volunteer work. He has always felt that working in the field of education would have the greatest positive impact on young people. He discovered Acceleration Academies when taking a student to enroll at one of the sites. When the opportunity came up for him to join the Polk Acceleration Academy team and work with the Graduation Candidates, he could not turn the position down because the opportunity to help young people complete high school and achieve something that many people never have the opportunity to accomplish is a reward in itself. Acceleration Academies has given him the opportunity to bond and build lasting relationships with some incredible adolescents, and it is something that he will always be thankful for in his life.

Favorite or most significant year in school and why: 4th/5th grade- school was easy and I felt smart.

Favorite book: The Lost Boy  

Favorite food: Seafood