Al Sorsby

Bethel Math Content Coach


Al loves coaching basketball and math. In pursuit of these two passions, he has worked in over 10 school districts throughout Washington as a math teacher and a coach.  He was born in Bremerton and has also lived in Vancouver, Spokane, Aberdeen, Puyallup, Kent, Auburn, Enumclaw, Yakima and Kelso, all the while working his way up the coaching ladder.  In the midst of all the movement, he had the opportunity to see first-hand how different schools teach math, and realized that few were reaching a majority of their students, and many were falling through the cracks. The reason he loves teaching at Acceleration Academy is because he is allowed to take the time to help the students really learn math, often for the first time in their lives.  Seeing the light in the eyes of young people when they understand a concept for the first time, when they score high on a test when previously they never had, when they say "I like math now--I used to hate it!" --all of these moments are incredibly satisfying to him, and he would literally almost teach for free. He is so thankful to Acceleration Academies for the opportunity to do what he loves- working with young people who need a helping hand.